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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alley Quest!

Make ready your mighty steed, and gather ye bannermen. Darkness sweeps across the land and now comes a time where mighty heroes are needed. To combat this rising evil you must journey through the heart of the Cesspool of Sin and Quest through the perilous shadow lands of Old Ashevillia.

Do you and your fellow banner(wo)men have the stones to take the oath of knights of the Ashevillius Pedalus Punkus (who the hell are they?), become the subject of song and epic poem for centuries to come, and reap bountiful rewards for your heroic acts of chivalry and knighty-ness. Or will you become dragon juice, forever forgotten and family reduced to farming mud in an anarcho-syndicalist commune.

This Quest is not for the weak of heart or shallow of spirit only the best dressed heroes will survive (so anybody). For when you play the Game of Alley Cat you win or you ̶D̶I̶E̶ come in second, third, fourth, etc., etc.

Good luck heroes and heroines, may the old gods of Carolinia keep you on your quest.

Required Questing tools: Gold (money $2-$10), an enchanted talking device; a magical imaging device, Quills and parchment, water, a steed of the bicycle variety (extra points for 2 hump camels, and single steeds), a scroll of identity (your ID), and a taste for horns of ale.

Strongly encouraged: Decorated steeds, armor, swords, helms, two halves of a coconut, a goblet, fair maidens and codpieces.

Our Champions feast will be in West Asheville and we're meeting up at the Parking Lot below White Duck Taco Shop.

Fabulous prizes for 1st and 2nd place.

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