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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunday Ride July 17th

Join us for a leisurely paced, 10-ish mile ride with your friends and neighbors. The ride meets @ 4:30 at our usual spot. We'll roll out at 4:45. This week's ride will feature the infamous Helen's Bridge, so bring some water and maybe a snack for a short but surely strenuous climb to this Asheville landmark (If it's un-godly hot we may skip this bit to avoid heat-casualties). Here we'll stop, enjoy the cooler climes of altitude, have a drink of water and who knows maybe you'll hear a ghost story. From Helen's Bridge it's a scenic, cruising downhill ride to the RAD and then a rolling finish on the west side of the FBR. We'll end at the Bywater for a much deserved frosty beverage. Hope to see ya out.

Ride Map


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday Ride July 3rd

Whoo Hoo, red, white, and blue, Happy Fourth of July. Ride and Fireworks. Ok here's the deal. Ride at 4:30 as per usual, this week's ride will look something similar to past in town rides. Flat and cruisey. We'll finish at The Bywater around 6:30 and for those of you who want to join. Amber and I are heading up to McCormick Field for the fireworks a little later (possible to ride up Beaucatcher and catch them from Helen's Bridge (ooh Spooky).

Meet up here.