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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunday Ride May 15th

Our next ride will be on Sunday May 15th at 4:00 pm. We'll meet at the usual spot (check the map to the right) and it will be led by A.P.P.'s own Karen Into. Cullen will be out this week due to his beautiful niece's birthday party (2 years!),
Chasing duckies
which should be all kinds of fun as well.

If you're new the sport or new to the Pedal Punks, we invite you to meet up with us for a leisurely paced, social ride. We have people of all skill levels but mostly we cater to those that are new to cycling or are just Bike-curious. As long as you are will to pedal we'll wait up for you and cheer you on because cyclists are worth it. If you've come before and not finished a ride we encourage you to comeback. Don't worry about slowing us down, the only goal of this ride is to get everybody to the bar with bicycle and beer in hand. (even if you have to take a slight shortcut). Ugly bicycles very welcome!

In other news we're toying with the idea of volunteering at the Asheville On Bikes bike corral at the Mountain Sports Festival on Saturday May 28th. We would need about 6 to 10 volunteers, so keep that in the back of your mind. Also thinking of an "armed" confrontation  (water-balloon fight?) with that 2nd rate "bike gang" across the river. We'll keep ya updated.

P.S. Good job everyone who came out for mountain biking. You guys kicked my slow ass. We'll have to make this kind of an informal regular thing.

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