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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fantastic Sunday Ride! Ride Vids, and March Ride News.

Wow, what a ride guys. Thanks for coming out and supporting the Pedal Punks and most importantly pat yourselves on the back for getting out and riding in this beautiful weather! Below is a little video of Sunday's ride. Hope you enjoy.

DownTube Films Presents

Here's the link in lieu of a direct post.

A little side note, March is going to be a weird month we're going to be doing the ride on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays in March due to prior commitments on the first Sunday (read: UNCA Spring Break). I know you'll have to wait 3 whole Sundays for the next ride, but then you'll get two in a row. Our staff scientists assure us that this is a safe dosage of Pedal Punk.
Thanks again everybody for coming out, and we'll see ya next time.

Peace, Love and Chain grease.


P.S. We made the Mountain Xpress

Pedal Punks at The Bywater

Update: Will try to get the video up shortly, I'm having trouble with the format for some reason. 

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